Cambrian Women's Barcelona 2

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The Cambrian Barcelona is a three-strap orthopedic slip on sandal. The uppers are made from natural leathers and the straps come with buckles that allow for width and instep adjustability. It is also possible to punch additional holes in the straps to tighten up the fit even more. It has a solid constructed shank with a stiff forefoot rocker, which allows for smooth toeing off with walking. This is an added benefit for those who have conditions such as metatarsalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, or any restricted movement into the lower limb joints.

The sandal fits small, and you may even need to go up half to a full size. The forefoot toe box is wide and rounded, which accommodates a wide forefoot very well. It may be too wide and loose for very narrow feet, but an additional insole could be added to the bottom to increase bulk. Due to the harder sole and leathers, it takes a little time to break in, but once the leather softens and the cork molds, it is fairly comfortable on the foot. The footbeds also have a suede leather top to them, which helps with cooling. The main downfall is that the tread is not very prominent, which may make it slippery on smooth surfaces. However, the sandal can always be modified and an outsole with more friction can be used.

A removable cork arch contoured footbed allows the wearer to wear it as is for arch support, or to replace the footbed with their own custom orthotics.

Great as a summer-time sandal, or even an in-home option. It is best to keep the sandals out of the rain or from wet conditions, as it will damage the cork and the leathers. It is possible to treat the leathers and cork with waterproofing sprays before wearing to improve durability as well. 

Barcelona 2

Cambrian has kept their Barcelona sandal's classic look with a few simple changes, including more simple cross-straps and silver buckles. Despite the more streamlined look, the Barcelona 2 still provides great support with its rocker sole to ease toe and forefoot pain caused by poor mechanics. The standard, thick cork insole can be removed to accommodate other insoles or custom orthotics, and three adjustable straps allow for a great fit! Available in standard and wide widths to accomodate more foot types


pronation 1-6


  • Three strap, step-in sandal
  • Rocker sole helps the foot propel you forward while reducing pressure on the toes and forefoot
  • Two removable insoles (1-solid cork based insole and 1-thick rubber insole to be used with custom orthotics
  • Full grain leather throughout
  • Full midsole EXOPLATE stability system
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