Sorel Women's Nakiska Slide

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The Nakiska Slide is a fantastic cold weather slipper. With suede upper they look stylish and with a wool acrylic blend on the inside this will keep your feet snuggly warm. When you first put them on they may feel a little snug as the wool inside is very puffy but as you continue to wear them they will loosen slightly, so you don’t want to go too big. With a lip in the back the removable footbed doesn't move it is easily replaceable with a custom orthotics or off the shelf insole to give you a more personalized fit. A natural rubber outsole that’s grippy will make sure you won't be sliding around or slipping on hardwood or tile. If you are looking for a light, soft, warm slipper for the cold months, look no further!

Sorel Nakiska Slide

Warm and comfy feet are just a slide away with the Nakiska. Perfect for the winter months in Vancouver (and year round in Alberta) the Nakiska offers the warmth you need around the house when the temperature drops. 


Technical Specifications

Weight:  6.5 oz (size 8)

Lining: Wool/acrylic blend

Fit: Runs small recommend 1/2 to full size up

Support: Plush footbed/minimal structual support

Outdoor Functionality: Inside Only - Get the phone from the car - Run to the shops



  • Thick removable footbed
  • Wool Lining
  • Natural rubber outsole
  • Suede upper
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