Birkenstock Blue Footbed Tradition

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Birkenstock Traditional Blue Footbed 

Birkenstock is famous for their shoes with "true-to-life" arch support, and now you can get that support in almost any flat shoe. The naturally contoured, longitudinal arch provides pronation control, while a metatarsal arch gently lifts toes to their natural position. As the insoles are worn, the heat and weight of the body molds the natural cork / EVA, making it more flexible and offering a combination of comfort and support 

  • Birkenstock support in any shoe! 
  • Birkenstock's most popular arch support. 
  • Designed for flat-heeled casual shoes. 
  • Excellent stability. 
  • Provides firm support. 
  • Long-term comfort. 
  • Measurements: Weight: 1 oz 
  • Made in Germany.