Footlogix Ultimate "At Home" Foot Care Combo

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The ultimate "at home" foot care combo. Callus Softener is a hydrating and exfoliating treatment for dry, rough, cracked & callused feet. The Foot File is lightweight and easy to use with a rubberized handle.

Features and Benefits

• The "At Home" Foot Care Combo makes exfoliation of hard, callused skin fast and
easy, leaving feet feeling smooth and revitalized

• Footlogix® Callus Softener is a non-aggressive formula that does not need to be
washed off, as it will continue hydrating the skin after use

• Packaged in an easy to use 360-degree spray bottle, it works from any angle (even
upside down) to spray hard to reach places

• The Footlogix® "At Home" Foot File is double-sided, made with high quality stainless
steel, it is light-weight, easy to use with a rubberized handle

• The foot file can be used multi-directionally without shredding the skin

• The foot file is easy to clean – wash using a brush with soap and water

Recommended for:

• Use in-between professional foot care services
• Those who can't get to a foot care professional on a regular basis
• Those with unsightly or uncomfortable dry, hard skin on the feet
• All skin types including diabetics, seniors and the immunocompromised