Ossur Formfit Tracker

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Product description

The Formfit® Tracker with micro-adjustable ReflexWing™ buttress realigns the knee cap, providing dynamic lateral support for common knee cap conditions.

Its FlyWeight™ fabric delivers lightweight breathability and a low-profile design that feels great against the skin and minimises migration. PowerLock™ straps work in tandem with heat mouldable CustomFit™ hinges to provide a customisable fit for your patient.


Key features

  • CustomFit™ hinges for customised fit and support
  • Anti-Migration Tech™ minimises migration
  • PowerLock™ straps for secure lateral support
  • ReflexWing ™ buttress for comfortable knee cap realignment
  • FlyWeight™ fabric for soft feel and breathability
  • Available in 7 sizes, right and left
  • Durable and machine washable


For knee conditions that may benefit from realignment of the knee cap and/or patients that would benefit from an added lateral support of the knee cap, such as: - lateral knee capr subluxation or dislocation - lateral maltracking