Superfeet Carbon Insole

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The result of years of research and field testing, CARBON is for the dedicated athlete who demands high performance results. Our revolutionary insole achieves a new level of lightweight performance by combining a carbon fiber-reinforced stabilizer cap with a durable, lightweight foam layer. CARBON’s distinct biomechanical shape and low-volume design can help improve the fit and feel of tight-fitting athletic footwear. 

Technical Specifications 

Who: all arch types 

Fit: low profile and low volume for tighter fitting footwear 


  • Antimicrobial coating 
  • Biomechanical shape 
  • Heel cup 
  • Carbon fiber stabilizer cap 
  • Foam perforations 
  • Ultralight high density foam 
  • Beveled edge 
  • ADD/APT biomechanical system, adapts the flat 2-dimensional midsole to your 3-dimensional foot