Superfeet Women's Delux /Easyfit 3/4 Insole

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Superfeet Women’s DELUX Dress-Fit Three-quarter can change the way you feel about your shoes. With a plush microsuede top, high-density foam layer, and biomechanically supportive shape, the DELUX is one of our most comfortable insoles for tighter-fitting business, dress and casual shoes. 

Recommended Foot Type 
Ideal for low to medium arched feet, yet accommodates all arch types. 
Recommended Footwear 
All types of casual, designer or dress footwear with removable insoles. 

B- Women 4.5-6 | Kids 2.5-4
C- Women 6.5-8 | Men 5.5-7
D- Women 8.5-10 | Men 7.5-9
E- Women 10.5-12 | Men 9.5-11